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Plastic Mold Design

Our factory design department currently have ten great Chinese mold designers with more than ten years design and project manage of experiences in plastic injection mold .
Great mold design is first step of a success mold making project, also it is one of most important parts of a High Precision mold.
When we receive each of mold project from our customer, mold design department will call out an mold analysis and discussion meeting to decide the product layout, mold structure, runner design, gate type, cooling layout, etc. and we provide DFM and MoldFlow Analysis reports to customers, give customers an overall view on manufacturability and plastic part design, with our mold experiences and professional, so we can able to predict the potential risks on the mold, and come up with optimized solutions for your products.

Become a High Precision mold Manufacturer in China .  That’s the goal of all worker of our mold factory .

Our plastic mold factory  engineer use software include:
AutoCAD (2D mold Modeling)
Pro/Engineer,Unigraphics NX (3D Modeling)
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight (Plastic flow/deform simulation etc.)
Unigraphics NX / Delcam PowerMILL (CNC Programming)

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Our Advantage

LT TECH Plastic Mould Factory is the leading plastic mold manufacturer in China, based on precise tooling, high technology and top mentality mold design. 

We are professional for mold design, our technique absorbed from Europe. 
All of our mold steel have certificate with longer mold life, mold produced by advanced equipment, the tolerance can reach +-0.01mm, the molded product have good appearance without any flash and good fit with other products. 
We always provide competitive price, because of we are manufacturer, we are the source 
Free sample delivery, 3 times mold test
Every week update production informations.


Address:Building C baisifu technology park No.11 Waihuan Road, Shilong street,Shiyan Town,Bao’an District, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

Tel:86-755 2946 9600

Service line:86-755 6669 3799

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