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Plastic Injection Molding

What is Plastic Injection Molding?
Plastic injection molding is a method of plastic products , the molten plastic using pressure into the plastic products in the mold ,  the cooling process is to get all kinds of plastic parts .

We have What Plastic material in Injection molding experience ?
such as ABS , PC , PC/ABS , PA66 , PP , PS , PVC , PMMA , POM , PBT , TPR , etc .

special materials like IXEF , PPO , GV5H , PES , PPS , PEEK , etc .

plastics manufacturing facility is proud to support the China injection molding industry by employing a local team of experienced and dedicated .  All are computer controlled , and give optimal efficiency in set-up , process control and monitoring . Our machines are designed for repeatability to help secure reduced labor costs and lower reject rates .

Custom plastic products Colors

Insert molding : which allows for other components such as threaded brass inserts to be completely integrated into the plastic molded part in cycle .

Over molding : which uses different materials and integrates them into a single part

Quality Control
Quality is our company life .  So we must take it very seriously .  Our QA is a three-step process:

First .  A visual inspection is performed by our trained injection machine operators on every injection part .
Second .  The plastic injection molded parts are then randomly inspected once again by our QA at the machine once every hour .
Finally.  the acceptable plastic injection products are boxed , counted , and moved to quality control department , where they are randomly inspected again , and we need to the count is verified again .  The plastic parts are then ready for shipment .

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Our Advantage

LT TECH Plastic Mould Factory is the leading plastic mold manufacturer in China, based on precise tooling, high technology and top mentality mold design. 

We are professional for mold design, our technique absorbed from Europe. 
All of our mold steel have certificate with longer mold life, mold produced by advanced equipment, the tolerance can reach +-0.01mm, the molded product have good appearance without any flash and good fit with other products. 
We always provide competitive price, because of we are manufacturer, we are the source 
Free sample delivery, 3 times mold test
Every week update production informations.


Address:Building C baisifu technology park No.11 Waihuan Road, Shilong street,Shiyan Town,Bao’an District, Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

Tel:86-755 2946 9600

Service line:86-755 6669 3799

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